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Mission Statement

Daring Arts Movement (D.A.M) is a collective of diverse performers and groups committed to expanding, uplifting, and supporting each other while fostering a collaborative artistic environment in the greater Bay Area.  D.A.M creates lively, multi-sensory, immersive experiences for our audiences and students;  sparking wonder, awe, accessibility, and learning through the arts.

We specialize in movement arts, vocal arts, tactile arts, and instruction and we draw inspiration from around the globe.  We work with our clients to create unique performance and educational experiences that ideally pull from a variety of our offerings and allow us to collaborate in new and exciting ways. 

We believe art is a powerful tool for healing and uniting diverse communities, so whenever possible no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Just ask.


D.A.M collaborates with and supports a wide variety of groups and projects to enhance shows, events, and videos. 

Our dance component consists of:

 Emotiv Dance (Latin)

 TropiCali Dancehall (Caribbean)

Live Musical acts we collaborate with:

Red Baraat (Choreographed Dance)

Afrolicious (Choreographed Dance)

March Fourth (Stiltwalking/Dance/Acrobatics)

Samba Stilt Circus (Stilt Performance)

Other Projects and Events:

Bay Area Maker Faire (StiltSkool)

Sunru Carter and Town Futurist (Stilt Performance)

Stilt Factory (StiltSkool)

Brass + Blade (Leatherworks)

For photos and videos please visit our media page.


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