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Amaranta began painting wildlife as a child and it continues to be her favorite subject matter.  The grace, beauty and folklore of the animal kingdom inspire her latest works. . She incorporates the geometric patterns and proportions found in nature in her compostions as a reminder to the observer that there is a system of order in the natural world that humans have an inherent relationship with.  

As an artist, she conveys animals in a balance that teeters between a realistic and surreal expression. She hopes for the viewer to identify something within their life story that the animal archetypically represents.  

Amaranta began her art training at the Age of 4 and continued on through school to win the Arts Benicia Scholarship.  As an adult, she studied traditional and digital art, as well as dance, at Diablo Valley College, Academy of Art University and CSU East Bay.  She has participated in art shows and community festivals while producing private and commissioned works in her home studio.  She has also painted several murals and aspires to create more.

Amaranta enjoys mentoring young artists. Today’s modern family structures combined with the eradication of public school art programs place our youth in challenging circumstances with few outlets to express themselves.   She says “A shy child may not have the words to express what they are feeling, but with supportive encouragement and instruction, it’s amazing how much a child has to say with art as their mode of communication."

She has taught children drawing, wood burning, and painting privately, at Galileo Summer Camps, public elementary schools, and private Montessori schools. Amaranta has also enjoyed teaching adults privately and in group-settings.  She maintains mentoring relationships with at risk teens who have an interest in the arts, utilizing art instruction and field trips as part of life coaching sessions.  

Amaranta is available for private commissions, public murals, or live art painting at your next event.  She is excited to collaborate with other DAM artists and expand her artistic expression in the worlds of dance and stiltwalking.