Jamie Minkus

Jamie’s love affair with movement started with her gymnastics training at the age of 10.  Her background in gymnastics and affinity with Brazilian culture drew her to capoeira, which then opened her eyes to the folkloric movements of Brazil and Cuba.  She has studied extensively with members of Racais Profundos in Havana Cuba, completed the Silvestre contemporary dance intensive in Salvador, Brazil and has studied movements of the African Diaspora with teachers throughout Brazil and the US.  She was a dancer with Donna Oefinger's Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban dance and drum ensemble, Axé Didé, in Portland, OR for over eight years, she traveled with March Fourth! as dancer, acrobat, and capoeirista, and currently choreographs, performs, and is the tour director for Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater in Portland.  She also teaches dance and Pilates and now represents the pacific Northwest branch of Daring Arts Movement. Jamie is very excited to be a part of DAM where she is encouraged to share and express all of the movements that have shaped her life.  GoDAM!

"Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater highlight reel featuring works by Jamie Minkus and other Rejoice! members."

Jamie and Polly Pepper dance original choreography to All Names played live by March Fourth in Redding, CA

Jamie Minkus performs an killer capoeira routine to "Nightmarikka" by March Fourth.