Jennine “Jenny Jam” Hamblin

Stilt Dancer
Group Fitness Instructor 
Personal Trainer

Originally from Jamaica, grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and moved from New Jersey to Oakland, California. Jennine started dancing pretty much as soon as she was born. Being born in Jamaica, a large aspect of the culture is expressed through dance. Once she moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of seven, Jennine continued her movement journey by taking Ballet and gymnastics classes.  From there her love for dance only grew and she continued to train, take classes, and later on learned how to choreograph her own pieces. 

Jennine went on to train and study at Mark Morris Dance Group, Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX), Broadway Dance Center and more. The styles she studied styles include, but are not limited to, Hip Hop, African, Ballet, and Jazz. While in college at Binghamton University, she was the President of her diaspora dance organization, The Black Dance Repertoire, for which Jennine was lead choreographer, show and event coordinator, and public relations liaison.  All throughout her four years of college, Jennine remained in dance classes for training and experience without declaring dance officially as her minor. 

After graduating college, she went on to become a dance teacher/professor, Zumba instructor, and personal trainer, while  continuing to choreograph, train, and perform with various dance companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and now the Bay Area. Since moving to the Bay Area two years ago, Jennine has managed to also create, establish, and build her very own Caribbean Dance Fitness style she proudly calls JAM DOWN! Her classes are as vibrant and energetic as a carnival and are her way of sharing her love for dance, fitness, and culture with any willing to dance with her.  Meet her on the dance floor! 

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