Here at Daring Arts Movement we believe learning to walk on stilts can be a transformative educational experience for all ages. Interacting with the world from an EnHeightened level offers a unique perspective on life, and the learning process builds trust, self confidence, discipline, teamwork skills, and body awareness.

Our curriculum is designed to help you succeed while feeling and looking comfortable on high. As you progress we build upon your basic skills to help you accomplish surreal movements and acrobatic feats. Most students can begin walking on their own within the first hour and many are able to take it much farther than that.  

Email to book.

If you're interested in buying your own stilts visit our partners at Stilt Factory!


Special introductory rate!

$25 for a half hour one-on-one lesson in which we teach you how to stay upright and do basic walks and turns safely.

Continuing instruction

Private lessons: $1/minute + $15 stilt rental fee

Small group lessons (3-8 people): $30/hour + $15 stilt rental fee

We help you develop more advanced skills and take you through the levels of our extensive curriculum at your own pace. We recommend at least 1 hour sessions

*Stilt Rental Fee of $15/class waived if you have your own.  You can learn to make them yourself or purchase them from our amazing friends at

Kids 8 and up are welcome.  



Hiring an ambiant stilt walker for a party is great (and we can provide that too) but what if your guests of all ages could actually learn to do it themselves?  You can now hire D.A.M to set up our StiltSkool at your event. It's an experience everyone will remember and talk about for the rest of their lives!  We can also offer a show/demonstration to get your guests excited about learning.

$500/hour includes 2-4 instructors depending on the size of your event, travel (within an hour of Oakland), and setup.  

We recommend booking for at least 3 hours.  

Email to  sign up or book.


Stilt walking is an ancient art form believed to go back thousands of years in many cultures around the world.   Legends and ruins from China to Greece to Africa to Europe to Mexico tell the stories of EnHeightened and sometimes costumed characters of all sorts. Some civilizations used them for practical purposes (to walk through marshy or flooded areas, to extend their vision into the distance, or to harvest crops) while others incorporated them into rituals or celebrations. In Trinidad and Tobago, for instance, the tradition is still very much a part of carnival culture (the enslaved African people kept the tradition alive through the middle passage and integrated it into their celebrations). The stilt walkers there are still referred to by the traditional name of Moko Jumbies, meaning god-like creatures who watch over and protect their communities because they are believed to be able to foresee danger and evil due to their height.  DAM is committed to uniting stilt walkers of all traditions to expanding and curating the global skill and knowledge base.  We are working towards forming a more substantial alliance and cultural exchange with our tall friends in Trinidad and Tobago.  Read about Polly and Claire's recent adventures with the Moko Jumbies here