Tica Bonita

Artistic Director
Stilt Dancer
Fire Dancer

Tica Bonita has been performing on and off stages for over 10 years. She began playing Brazilian percussion in an all women's drum troupe at University of California, Santa Cruz. This opportunity, followed by a trip to brazil, developed her passion for music and dance. She performs professionally as a stilt walker, fire dancer, drummer, and samba dancer in the Bay Area and loves working in a variety of settings. 

Tica has been trained  by Marsea Marquis of Tropicalismo  and Joahna Vizcarra of Samba Conmigo and also performs with Samba Stilt Circus and Nocturnal Sunshine Fire Troupe. She has also traveled extensively to South America to study a wide variety of dances. Her favorite styles are Afro- Caribbean, Afro-brasilian, salsa and West African. 

Tica is the Artistic Director of our premier dance group Emotiv Dance.

She hopes to shine her light on you soon!