Carnival Entertainment

Daring Arts Movement performers have participated in Carnivals around the world, from San Francisco, Oakland and Hollywood, to Trinidad, Brazil, Jamaica, and Barbados. We have been traveling to Trinidad since 2016 to work with local Moko Jumbie stilt walkers and the revolutionary mas band The Lost Tribe! We have collaborated with renowned artists such as Kes the Band, Patrice Roberts, Peter Ram, Calypso Rose, Alternative Quartet, Julien Believe, and Angelique Sabrina and are now offering our services to help enhance more Carnival and Mardi Gras celebrations across the globe.

We can offer our full half hour Stilt Dance Show, provide choreographed stage performers for artists’ live shows or music videos, wandering entertainment for fetes and parties, dance classes in studios and at events, and Fit to Fete Fitness Training.