Personal Training
With Polly


As a traveling dancer, stilt walker, and acrobat Polly had to learn on her own how to keep her body strong enough to prevent injuries.  When she tore her ACL she realized she needed outside help and she began working with a trainer to see if she could avoid surgery. She was inspired by what she accomplished with a personalized approach to healing and her journey led her into personal training (through a NASM certification course) so she could help more people understand and manage their health and feel good in their bodies.

Polly is the founder and curator of Daring Arts Movement and she is excited to now include fitness in its offerings. Her years of teaching experience are a huge asset to her work as a personal trainer and she loves figuring out how to work with different types of clients and their physical challenges and make exercising functional and fun. She believes our bodies have so much to teach us if we can learn to really listen!

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